Our Products

In a world where products are mass-produced with a failure date in mind. A world where “planned obsolescence” is a common phrase and a new printer costs less than the ink required to use it; quality and custom products have become a rare commodity indeed.

Our planet needs companies to start producing quality products once again, and that includes wire rope products.

We at Tyler Madison are proud to be one of the few cable assembly companies that still provide custom control cables and cable assembly products intended to last. Our 20 plus years of wire rope experience has taught us what matters: open communication with customers, attention to detail and flexibility to get you what you need when you need it.

When you call us, you immediately speak to a person, not a machine. Need something yesterday? Tell us and we will do our best to bend time and get it to you as close to yesterday as we can!

All wire rope and control cable assemblies are made by experts, hot and fresh per order. Our wire rope products are cut to length off spools and end fittings are swaged on with up to 120 tons of hydraulic force. Pull testing our products before beginning assembly provides certainty that all end fittings will hold to the rated breaking strength of the cable.

This process along with other ISO based protocol bring confidence to our customers in an uncertain and ever changing world.