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Custom Wire Rope Cable Assemblies & Push-Pull Controls

Industry Leading Custom Cable Manufacturer

Tyler Madison, Inc. is a quality manufacturer of wire rope fittings, aircraft cables, bowden cables, wire rope lanyards and other steel cable assemblies. In addition, we offer custom push-pull cable controls with standard or machined end fittings. Our skilled personnel use the latest technology to deliver a consistently reliable product at a cost-effective price. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in designing, engineering and manufacturing a mechanical cable that meets the needs of your specific application from control cables to safety tethers.

We take a lot of pride in working with our clients in order to make their ideas a reality. Whether you’re looking for help with wire rope design, airplane cables, wire rope lanyards, safety cables, steel tension cables, wire rope thimbles, push pull cables or something in between, Tyler Madison, Inc. can provide the custom cable assembly that you’re looking for, call us today!

Design & Engineering

Prototype to Full Production

Hot Stamping & Packaging

Pull Testing for Cable Strength

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Wire Rope Lanyards

Wire Rope LanyardsTyler Madison produces high quality custom wire rope fittings and lanyards for a variety of applications such as: security, holding, hanging, attaching, and pulling.

Wire Rope Cable Assemblies

Wire RopeWire rope fittings and custom cable assemblies utilizing high tension strength small diameter cable. We specialize in steel cable diameters from 3/64" - 3/8" in diameter.

Push-Pull Controls

Push-Pull ControlsTyler Madison excels in custom push pull cable design and assembly. We are capable of producing a variety of standard push pull control cables for automotive and lawn care industries.

End Fittings & Terminals

End FittingsNumerous end terminations and configurations are available in standard stock, we also have a group of local machinists to produce specialty fittings.

The AviPack - Avalanche Airbag System

skier sunsetThe AviPack, an avalanche airbag system created by the Wary allows skiers and snowboarders to ride down the most dangerous winter terrain with peace of mind. The material used for this equipment has to withstand extremely cold temperatures and some of the parts must be custom made. Tyler Madison Inc. helped the Wary engineers design a custom rip cord and a 3/64 lined longitudinally braided conduit with black polypropylene cover.