Design Guides

The following links contain some basic guidelines to follow when designing a new assembly. We recommend for engineers to take a look at tolerances and measuring points before putting together a print.

However, the best steel cable design guides are only a phone call away. Feel free to call our office at 1-888-638-3604 with any wire rope questions you may have. Please gather as much information from our wire rope design guide as possible before calling to design a cable:

  1. What amount of force will be applied to your assembly?
  2. What end fittings might work for your application?
  3. Is the wire rope naked or coated in pvc, nylon or a special polymer? Do you need a specific color?
  4. What should the cable's length be?
  5. How tight are the length tolerances for your assembly?
  6. What do you want the cable construction to be? If it is a control cable what is the bend radius?
  7. What quantity are you looking for?