Wire Rope Lanyards

Custom Wire Rope Lanyards

Tyler Madison is a leading manufacturer of custom wire rope lanyards (also commonly known as cable assemblies or flexible cable assemblies). We specialize in small diameter lanyards, stainless steel lanyards, tool lanyards, cable assemblies and flexible cable assemblies ¼ inch diameter and under.

Stainless Steel Cable Lanyards

At their core, these cable lanyards connect two objects together. There are an infinite number of uses for stainless steel lanyards, but the most common are: security, holding, hanging, attaching, anchoring, lifting, supporting, and pulling.

Common Uses of Wire Rope Lanyards

Our customers have used our custom wire rope lanyards and stainless steel lanyards in many different ways, including:

  • Promotional displays (hanging of signs)
  • Hard shell cases (lid restraint)
  • Display cases (lid restraint, shelf support)
  • Retail Security (security cable for electronics, clothes, expensive manuals, etc.)
  • HVAC Heating and cooling duct work (support lanyards for ducts and pipes)
  • Material Handling (hanging support lanyards, pulley cables)
  • Specialized vehicles (security stainless steel lanyards for release pins, lid restraints)
  • Lawn and garden equipment (security lanyards for release pins, lid restraints)
  • Seats (seat restraint lanyard)
  • Tailgates and Doors (latch lanyard, support lanyard, door restraint)

Wire Rope Lanyards

Custom Lanyard Design

When thinking about wire rope security lanyards and steel cable tethers, there are a number of options to consider:

Cable Material

Galvanized steel or stainless-steel lanyards

Cable Construction

Typically, these assemblies are made of 7 x 19 (most flexible), 7 x 7, or 1 x 19 (least flexible) cables

Cable Coating

No coating, Nylon, Vinyl (PVC), or Pebax; black, white, and clear coatings are the most popular, but just about any color can be chosen


Ends Fittings or Terminals

We have a large selection of wire rope eyelets, end fittings, including balls, ball shanks, sleeves, stamped eyes, stops, thimbles, handles/knobs, stops, strap forks, strap eyes, and threaded studs. Other fittings are available as well.


If your application includes hardware, let us know what type. We can add almost any type you need.

Let us know your needs for a custom wire rope lanyard assembly; we love to hear new ideas and make them work. Send us a drawing of the wire rope lanyard you are looking to create.  Or call us 1-888-638-3604 to discuss your unique application.

Value Added Services for Our Wire Rope Lanyards

One reason that so many people keep coming back to Tyler Madison Inc. for their wire rope assemblies and cables is because of the excellent value added services that we offer. These include:

Design Assistance

Coiling and Packaging

Hot stamping part numbers

Pull testing for cable strength

Fuse Cutting

Cable Rewinding

Lean Manufacturing


Just-in-time (JIT) Programs

Kanban Programs