Ball End Fittings

Wire rope ball end fittings come in a variety of sizes in order to fit different diameters of cable. The end fitting is swaged on the end of a cable or wire rope, and then the ball can be inserted into a socket that holds it in place.

These ball swage fittings make it easy to attach and detach items to a cable, and also create a secure swivel point when connected to a socket.

At Tyler Madison, we offer a range of wire rope ball end fittings in various sizes and styles from heavy-duty aerospace applications to residential lighting fixtures and everything in between. Our end fittings adhere to the end of a wire cable and can withstand high levels of pulling force.

Ball end fittings from Tyler Madison are available for cables with a diameter of 3/64”, all the way to 3/16”. Most crimped ball end fittings are only slightly larger in diameter than the wire rope it is adhered to.

Pull test strength of balls for size cable 3/32” and smaller is 80% breaking strength of the cable. Balls for cable size 1/8” and larger pull test at 60% of the wire ropes breaking strength. If you are looking for something that holds to 100% breaking strength and has a similar function try using a ball shank end fitting instead.

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Other Products
Tyler Madison is a premier source for wire rope cable assemblies. From push-pull controls to cable assemblies to wire rope lanyards and beyond, we are more than capable of producing the wire rope and cable products that you need for your application. Our swage ball crimpers and other products are strong, durable and manufactured with industry-leading expertise.

About Tyler Madison
At Tyler Madison, we use the latest technology to create quality ball end fittings, swage ball crimpers, cable stop balls, custom cable assemblies and other products for our customers that are both affordable and reliable. We have always based our business on the needs of the customer, and assist with design and engineering throughout the process. If you need cable ball ends and custom cable assemblies, Tyler Madison is the place to call. Contact us today about our wire rope ball ends!

Ball End Fitting Spec
Part #Bare Cable DiameterAfter Crimp Ball DiameterMaterial
110-000.13/64 in0.190 inStainless Steel
100-0021/16 in0.190 inStainless Steel
110-0033/32 in0.253 inStainless Steel
110-003.51/8 in0.315 inStainless Steel