Stop End Fittings

Stop Spec
Part #Bare Cable DiameterMetal Type
100-005.11/16 inchesAluminum
100-0073/32 inchesAluminum
100-0091/8 inchesAluminum
100-0135/32 inchesAluminum
100-0143/16 inchesAluminum

What is a stop end fitting?
Stop fittings are a type of swage end fitting that stand apart because they can be swaged anywhere on an assembly, even in the middle of a cable. Because of its cylindrical shape, the end fitting permits rotation of the wire rope lanyard.

How does Tyler Madison use stop end fittings?
We primarily use stop end fittings whenever the customer expresses a need for a mechanical wire rope cable assembly that has rotational ability.

How does Tyler Madison adhere wire rope end stops?
We make a stop end fitting permanent by sliding it onto a set point of the cable and then compressing it via a hydraulic swage machine.

What materials does Tyler Madison use to make stop end fittings?
Most stop end fittings are composed of copper, aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel. Some of the Carbon and stainless steel stops can even hold up to the breaking strength of the cable.

Can I get stop end fittings made using a non-standard material?
Of course! Keep in mind though, that because it’s our goal to make you the highest quality wire cable stopper for the lowest cost, we reserve the right to try to steer you away from a material that isn’t recommended for your application (not resistant to corrosion, not strong enough, etc.).

If you’re interested in using a custom material for swage wire rope fittings, feel free to discuss it with us!

Should I use a stop end fitting on my assembly?
The only way to know for sure whether or not stop end fittings are right for your application is by giving us a call and detailing your specifications. Our knowledgeable staff members are waiting to discuss your specifications and help you determine the proper end fitting.

Are stop end fittings used in my industry?
Most likely! Stop end fittings are useful in many industries.

These industries include (but are not limited to): aerospace and aircraft, automotive manufacturing and repair, construction, safety and security, agriculture, marine and boating, electronics and automation, industrial machinery manufacturing and sports and recreation.

Who is Tyler Madison?
Tyler Madison is a leading American wire rope manufacturer based out of Apple Valley Minnesota. We create high quality wire rope end fittings, wire rope lanyards, cable railing, wire rope tethers and countless standard and custom wire rope cable assemblies.

Why choose Tyler Madison?
Tyler Madison is energized by challenges!

We have the capabilities and know-how to create wire rope assemblies and wire rope end fittings for high-stake applications. These include aircraft cable fittings and assemblies, military cables, stainless steel medical cables and push pull control cables. From start to finish, we create your wire rope assemblies using the latest technology and the best quoting practices.

To further accommodate your needs, we also offer a series of secondary services. These include: coiling and packaging, design assistance, pull testing for cable strength, hot stamping of parts numbers, kanban programs, just-in-time (JIT) programs, kitting, cable rewinding and fuse cutting.