Threaded Stud Fittings

Threaded stud fittings are a simple way to attach your control cable or lanyard to a hard point or fixture. Our swage threaded studs come in many different sizes and materials, you can find a list of what we typically have in stock below, our most economical/standard studs are highlighted for your convenience. (please highlight 464-002, 464-011, 463-300)

If you require custom plating, threads or dimensions we have many longstanding relationships with trusted local and international machine shops.

Please specify if you require nuts and washers to be provided with your wire rope threaded studs.

Threaded Stud Spec
Part NumberBare Cable DiameterThread SizeThread Length (A)Overall Length (B)Material
3/64 in10-241.0 in1-5/8 in
463-800.53/64 in10/241/2 in1 inStainless Steel
463-3001/16 in10-321/2 in15/16 inZinc
463-8001/16 in10/241/2 in1 inBrass
463-9001/16 in10-241-1/4 in1-3/4 inStainless Steel
463-9201/16 in10-241/2 in15/16 inZinc
466-002.51/16 in1/4-201-1/4 in2-1/4 inZinc
P-71/16 in8-323/4 in1-1/2 inZinc
3/32 in1/4-203/4 in1-1/2 in
464-001.23/32 in1/4-281-1/4 in2 inZinc
464-000.31/8 in1/4-207/16 in1-7/16 inZinc
464-0021/8 in1/4-201-1/4 in2-1/4 inZinc
464-0051/8 in1/4-203-1/2 in4-1/2 inZinc
464-0061/8 in1/4-201-3/4 in3-1/2 inBrass
463-0101/8 in1/4-281-3/8 in2-1/4 inStainless Steel
464-0111/8 in5/16-181-1/2 in2-1/4 inZinc
464-0153/16 in3/8-162-1/4 in3-1/4 inStainless Steel
464-0203/16 in7/162-1/4 in3-1/2 inZinc



If you have questions about our threaded rod fittings or would like to request a quote on wire rope threaded studs, feel free to contact us.