Threaded Stud Fittings

Threaded Stud Spec
Part NumberBare Cable DiameterThread SizeThread Length (A)Overall Length (B)Material
3/64 in10-241.0 in1-5/8 in
463-800.53/64 in10/241/2 in1 inStainless Steel
463-3001/16 in10-321/2 in15/16 inZinc
463-8001/16 in10/241/2 in1 inBrass
463-9001/16 in10-241-1/4 in1-3/4 inStainless Steel
463-9201/16 in10-241/2 in15/16 inZinc
464-600.51/16 in1/4-201-3/16 in1-1/4 inZinc
P-71/16 in8-323/4 in1-1/2 inZinc
3/32 in1/4-203/4 in1-1/2 in
464-001.23/32 in1/4-281-1/4 in2 inZinc
464-000.31/8 in1/4-207/16 in1-7/16 inZinc
464-0021/8 in1/4-201-1/4 in2-1/4 inZinc
464-0051/8 in1/4-203-1/2 in4-1/2 inZinc
464-0061/8 in1/4-201-3/4 in3-1/2 inBrass
463-0101/8 in1/4-281-3/8 in2-1/4 inStainless Steel
464-0111/8 in5/16-181-1/2 in2-1/4 inZinc
464-0153/16 in3/8-162-1/4 in3-1/4 inStainless Steel
464-0203/16 in7/162-1/4 in3-1/2 inZinc



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