Sleeve End Fittings

Sleeve SpecBare Cable Diameter in InchesPart #
3/64 inches Aluminum100-002.5
3/64 inches Stainless Steel100-002.2
1/16 inches Aluminum100-003
1/16 inches Stainless Steel100-0004.2
3/32 inches Aluminum100-005
3/32 inches Stainless Steel100-006.2
1/8 inches Aluminum100-008
1/8 inches Stainless Steel120-009
5/32 inches Aluminum100-011.2
3/16 inches Aluminum100-015
1/4 inches Aluminum100-017.5

What are sleeve end fittings?
Sleeve steel cable fittings are a type of cable end fitting, or termination. End fittings go on the ends of wire rope cables, where they keep the rope from fraying an allow the end of a wire rope to be terminated in a loop—which is perfect for many weigh bearing and connecting applications.

Wire rope sleeve end fittings need to be swaged on in order to function properly. Swaged fittings either connect two rope ends together or terminate your wire rope, usually allowing a connection to something else

Sleeve end fittings are unique because they allow one to create custom sized loop ends for different lifting, actuating and supporting applications. The inside of the loop can also support a protective thimble of set size if one believes the assembly will be under heavy use.

How does Tyler Madison use sleeve end fittings?
We use swage sleeves mostly to produce cables with loop ends, sometimes with a thimble inside.

How does Tyler Madison adhere sleeve end fittings?
We make sleeve fittings permanent by compressing or forming the fitting with a hydraulic swage machine.

What materials do you use to make your sleeve end fittings?
Most sleeve end fittings are composed of copper, aluminum or stainless steel. If you’re interested in a non-standard material, feel free to discuss with us!

Will sleeve end fittings work on my wire rope?
The only way to know for sure if sleeve end fittings are right for your application is to give us a call. Our knowledgeable staff members are waiting to discuss your specifications and help you determine the proper end fitting.

With that being said, swage sleeve fittings work on all sorts of wire rope assemblies, including wire rope lanyards, security lanyards, security cables, military cables, slings and more.

Who can use sleeve end fittings?
Sleeve end fittings are used by many of our customers in industries across the board.

Among these are: aerospace and aircraft, agriculture, marine and boating, electronics, automotive manufacturing and repair, industrial machinery manufacturing, construction, sports and recreation, moving and security.

What size fittings can I order?
Here at Tyler Madison, we know that your applications and requirements are diverse. That’s why we offer such a variety of sleeve fitting sizes. Check out the chart above to see our standard cable swage fittings and other offerings. Don’t forget, though, that we always welcome specialized requests to make sure you receive the most suitable custom wire rope assemblies for your application.

Please note: We offer both standard and thin wall options!

Who is Tyler Madison?
Tyler Madison is a leading American wire rope manufacturer based out of Apple Valley, Minnesota. We create high quality wire rope fittings, wire rope lanyards, cable railing, wire rope tethers, wire rope swage fittings, swage sleeves and countless standard and custom wire rope cable assemblies.

Why choose Tyler Madison?
Tyler Madison is energized by challenges! We have the capabilities and the know-how to create high-stakes wire rope assemblies and swaged cable fittings. These include aircraft cable assemblies, military cables, stainless steel medical cables and push pull control cables. From start to finish, we create your wire rope assemblies and wire rope loop ends using the latest technology and the best quoting practices.

To further accommodate your needs, we also offer a series of secondary services. These include: coiling and packaging, design assistance, pull testing for cable strength, hot stamping of parts numbers, kanban programs, just-in-time (JIT) programs, kitting, cable rewinding and fuse cutting.