Ball Shank End Fittings

Similar to a ball end fitting, a ball shank end fitting is sphere-shaped, and when crimped on to the end of a wire rope or cable, can fit into a socket. Most ball shanks are made using stainless steel for added durability and have a hole that goes all the way through the end fitting. This along with the added shank part to the ball allows the ball shank to bond well enough to hold to the cables breaking strength. Ball end fittings on the other hand can only hold to 60-80% of cable breaking forces.

Ball shanks of various sizes and styles are available at Tyler Madison. These ball shank end fittings, like all of our other products, are manufactured using the latest technology. Our skilled team and advanced equipment allow us to create strong and highly customizable products for our customers. Even if a ball shank is just one part of the cable assembly that you need, we can design and engineer a solution that you can depend on.

Whether you are looking just for end fittings or complete cable assemblies, Tyler Madison is the place to turn. Our years of expertise and our many quality products make us a manufacturer that you can trust.

Other Products
We manufacture complete cable assemblies and many other products for all of your needs. Our other products include:

  • Wire rope lanyards
  • Push-pull controls
  • Wire rope & aircraft cable
  • Conduit
  • Terminals
  • Miscellaneous hardware

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About Tyler Madison
At Tyler Madison, we are committed to meeting the unique and everchanging needs of our customers by making use of advanced technology and industry expertise. If you need custom cable assemblies, we can work with and help design and engineer new products with your specific application in mind.

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Ball Shank Spec
Bare Cable Diameter After Crimp Ball Diameter After Crimp Shoulder Diameter
3/64 in 0.190 in 0.112 in
1/16 in 0.190 in 0.112 in
3/32 in 0.253 in 0.143 in
1/8 in 0.315 in 0.190 in