Thimble End Fittings


Thimble Spec
Part #Bare Cable DiameterMetal Type
100-004.51/16 inchesZinc Plated
100-010.13/32 inchesZinc Plated
100-010.11/8 inchesZinc Plated
100-0115/32 inchesZinc Plated
100-0163/16 inchesZinc Plated
100-0191/4 inchesZinc Plated


Stainless Steel

Thimble Spec
Part #Bare Cable DiameterMetal Type
130-0001/16 inchesStainless Steel
130-5003/32 inchesStainless Steel
120-0101/8 inchesStainless Steel
120-0155/32 inchesStainless Steel
100-016.33/16 inchesStainless Steel


What is a thimble end fitting?
A thimble is a special type of heavy duty, grooved metal end fitting. Its goal is to protect the fastening loop of a wire rope.

Wire rope thimble fittings provide exceptional wear resistance and help loops keep their shape.

For what purpose are thimble end fittings made?
Tyler Madison uses thimble end fittings on wire rope cables that are terminated with at-risk loops.

We define “at-risk loops,” by loops that are at risk of bending under the weight of a load or are under the forces of abrasion. Thimble for wire rope is installed on the inside of a loop, protecting the cable from abrasion and preserving the loops open shape.

How does Tyler Madison secure thimble end fittings?
Thimbles are fashioned inside the loops by including them in the looping process. They are wrapped tightly inside once the expanding sleeve is swaged using a hydraulic swage machine.

What materials does Tyler Madison use to produce standard thimble end fittings?
We make our custom thimble endings out of cold rolled steel (AN100 type), galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Can thimble end fittings be custom made using  non-standard materials?
If you’re interested in using a non-standard material for your thimble end fitting, feel free to talk with us!

However, thimble end fitting applications rely on strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and durability. Few materials outside the steel family meet all of these qualifications without great manipulation or alteration.

Therefore, while we’re open to discussing alternative options for your wire rope ends, we highly recommend our standard options over others.

Are wire rope thimble end fittings right for my application?
Thimble end fittings provide the fairly specific service of increasing the durability and longevity of a wire rope loop.

Thimble end fittings work very well on cable railing, stainless steel medical cables and wire rope tethers, and anything that is under large consistent tension forces.

Nevertheless, the only way to know for sure regardless of whether thimble end fittings are right for your application is by talking over your specifications and requirements with a member of our staff. Give us a call today, and we will steer you in the right direction.

Are wire rope thimble eye end fittings useful in my industry?
Thimble end fittings come in handy anywhere a heavy load meets a loop.

Just a handful of industries in which you can use thimble end fittings include: construction and building, agriculture and farm equipment, marine and boating, material handling, industrial machinery manufacturing and automotive manufacturing and repair.

Who is Tyler Madison?
Tyler Madison is a leading American wire rope manufacturer based out of Apple Valley Minnesota. We create high quality wire rope fittings, wire rope lanyards, cable railing, wire rope tethers and countless standard and custom wire rope cable assemblies.

Why choose Tyler Madison?
Tyler Madison is energized by challenges! We have the capabilities and know-how to create wire rope assemblies for high-stake applications. These include aircraft cable assemblies, military cables, stainless steel medical cables and push pull control cables. From start to finish, we create your wire rope assemblies using the latest technology and the best quoting practices.

To further accommodate your needs, we also offer a series of secondary services. These include: coiling and packaging, design assistance, pull testing for cable strength, hot stamping of parts numbers, kanban programs, just-in-time (JIT) programs, kitting, cable rewinding and fuse cutting.